This app is designed to work with a SmartDongle in a Linux environment. If you are unfamiliar with the product, then check out their website before continuing. While the SmartDongle is primarily aimed at the anti-piracy market, this project focuses more on the personal security aspects of the product. Customers of the SmartDongle are welcome to use our code in any way they see fit, but please understand that most of what you will find here is not intended for such purposes.

This project will also help build an example base for real world use of the SmartDongle API.

Ordering SmartDongles

To order SmartDongles to work with for this project as it is currently written, order them from the SmartDongle website with the customer # "DEMO". Or, call in an order and ask for the Demo Keys. Conversely, you can say that you are a new customer and get your own unique keys that you can place in our source code to have a more secure solution.

Project Members

sd-al: I am an employee of the company that makes the SmartDongle, and am a small part of its development team. In my spare time I like to work on projects such as these. I have a ton of stuff that we will be slowly cleaning up and implementing in this project. This is all done with the complete permission of my employer. I'm a decent coder with 4 years of work experience under my belt. Most of it has been dealing with embedded systems and other lower level coding. My language of choice is C, but I am proficient in many other languages.

Current Features

Planned Features